Raphaël Huleux

PhD student

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I'm a 4th year PhD student at the Economics Department of the Copenhagen Business School under the supervision of Professors David Jinkins and Birthe Larsen. 

I am interested in the impact of inequality on financial markets and the transmission of monetary policy, and in the macroeconomic consequences of climate change policies. 

I have also graduated with a Master in Economics from the Paris School of Economics, a Master in Philosophy from the Sorbonne Paris 1, and a Master in Public Policy from Sciences Po Paris.

You can find my CV here, and some lecture notes at the bottom of this page.



Copenhagen Business School

Paris School of  Economics, with honors

Sorbonne Paris 1, with honors

Sciences Po Paris, with honors

Work in progress 

With Eustache ElinaWith Eustache Elina and Léonoard Bocquet

Teaching experience

Copenhagen Business School, IBP undergraduate program.
Copenhagen Business School, IBP undergraduate program. 
Copenhagen Business School, Applied Economics and Finance master.
Copenhagen Business School, Master level course.
Université Paris Descartes, Undergraduate.